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CEO Tools book

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The winning playbook and tools for every executive leader

Kraig Kramers’ CEO Tools deliver simple, actionable “go-do” tools that will add new meaning to your business and help you answer important questions.

  • Is your business positioned to profit in tough times?
  • Can you make sense of what your CFO is telling you?
  • Do you know what really creates sales in your business?
  • Do you know how to hire, grow and keep top talent?

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I’ve used these methodologies and tools in every management and leadership role I’ve held, and I use them in all of our Vistage groups.

Kelly Scott
Chairman and CEO of Vistage Florida

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What People are Saying about CEO Tools

Every consultant or executive coach needs to carry CEO Tools in their consultant’s tool box.

Bob Steele
President, E to R Business Strategies, LLC

The introduction of the Trailing 12 Months Forecast fundamentally changed my understanding of my business. Now I walk the four corners of a virtual team all of whom are embedded in the one page business plan.

Barnaby Wynter
Business Radio Show Host and Keynote Speaker,
the Brand Bucket Company Ltd, UK

My leadership team and I devoured his book, CEO Tools, and broke down each chapter for direct implementation into our company. We later used his book as a primary training tool for future leadership.

Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D.
Founder and former CEO,