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I met Kraig over 10 years ago while he was speaking at a Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) event in Atlanta. His information for business management was simple and powerful. My leadership team and I devoured his book, CEO Tools, and broke down each chapter for direct implementation into our company, Quickparts.com.  We later used his book as a primary training tool for future leadership. Kraig’s approach had a powerful impact on the success of our company and a book that I personally give to upcoming entrepreneurs that want to build a great company.

Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D.
Founder and former CEO Quickparts.com

There are few business books I read again and again and CEO Tools is one of them. I was introduced to the work of Kraig Kramers seven years ago when I joined Vistage. To say I was influenced by his approach to business is an understatement. At the time I was grappling with the ever-changing marketing arena running a Top 200 advertising agency in the UK. As I worked through each of the 40 tools, some jumped out and grabbed me by the throat and forced themselves into my modus operandi.

The introduction of the Trailing 12 Months Forecast fundamentally changed my understanding of my business, and, late in 2009 with a recession heading our way, was instrumental in my decision to change my business model from the now completely outdated physical agency model to a professional speaking-led agency working from within the cloud. Now I walk the four corners of a virtual team, all of whom are embedded in the one-page business plan.

Today I enjoy a business-led lifestyle that allows me to enjoy my family and still make a difference to businesses globally. 

Barnaby Wynter
Business Radio show host and keynote speaker, the Brand Bucket Company Ltd, UK

I was introduced to CEO Tools at a Vistage meeting featuring Kraig Kramers, shortly after launching my executive consulting / coaching practice some six years ago. Almost from the beginning, I was intrigued by the simplicity of Kraig’s approach to dealing with routine problems every small to middle market business executive is challenged to solve almost every day.

Each chapter is literally chock-full of useful solutions for almost any organizational problem or situation. But the best part is you don’t have to wade through 15 pages of boring explanations and difficult-to-understand instructions on how to use or apply each tool. It’s all done in a few brief paragraphs or pages. Another treat are the many real-life experiences and stories Kraig uses throughout the book to tell how he personally applied so many of the tools and the dramatic results which were achieved.

Every consultant or executive coach needs to carry CEO Tools in their consultant’s tool box.

Bob Steele
President, E to R Business Strategies, LLC

Kraig Kramers is a sound winner. When you read CEO Tools, I think you will agree.

Ken Blanchard
Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Whale Done!TM

When CEOs run into business problems, they go back to the basics. This book provides a complete systemic model to keep your enterprise on track and avoid managerial pitfalls. 

Clark A. Johnson
Chairman and CEO, retired, Pier 1 Imports

Lee Iacocca told the U.S. Congress that ‘even a master craftsman would be hard pressed to produce top results using broken, rusted or non-existing tools.’ Kraig Kramers delivers a veritable power tool kit for managers who seek proven, productive solutions to the fundamentals of producing extraordinary results with everyday people. It's a business classic in the making. 

Jim Cecil
CEO, the James Cecil Company

Kraig delivers a wealth of practical ‘take-home’ material. He motivates CEOs and managers to take meaningful action now.

Richard Carr
Former president and CEO, TEC Worldwide

This is the best step-by-step guide to doing more and better business I have ever read.

Susan Harte
Former sr. business writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

CEO Tools is the playbook for every manager and CEO looking to build a winning strategy in business. Kraig diagrams the X’s and O’s for business success with the best of Super Bowl winning coaches.

Glenn Hemmerle
Former CEO, Crown Books, Athlete’s Foot, Pearle Vision and Miracle-Ear

Being a CEO or manager in the 21st century without having these valuable tools in your tool kit – would be like playing in the NFL without your helmet. Must reading for every manager!

Red Scott
Former CEO, Fuqua Industries, Inc. (NYSE) and Norman Vincent Pearle, Humanitarian, Horatio Alger Society

I’ve used these methodologies and tools in every management and leadership role I’ve held, and I use them in all of our Vistage groups.

Kelly Scott
Chairman and CEO of Vistage Florida

CEO Tools book

CEO TOOLS Book Bundle

The winning playbook and tools for every executive leader

Kraig Kramers’ CEO Tools deliver simple, actionable “go-do” tools that will add new meaning to your business and help you answer important questions.

  • Is your business positioned to profit in tough times?
  • Can you make sense of what your CFO is telling you?
  • Do you know what really creates sales in your business?
  • Do you know how to hire, grow and keep top talent?

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I’ve used these methodologies and tools in every management and leadership role I’ve held, and I use them in all of our Vistage groups.

Kelly Scott
Chairman and CEO of Vistage Florida